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Ear Surgery 

Cosmetic surgery of the ear, or otoplasty, is a procedure makes the ear more proportionate to the face. This is usually done by reducing the protrusion of the ear from the head. This procedure can be done on children as well as adults. Patients will usually complain of ears that "stick out" and would like an improvement in this. Each person's ear anatomy is unique and Dr. Alex Colque, a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery, uses the most advanced surgical techniques to perform only what is needed for you. Some children can be teased for their ears and an otoplasty can correct this to have a positive effect on a child's psyche. Also, many adults who want an improvement in ear protrusion request this procedure. 

Otoplasty is not limited just correction of protruding ears, but Dr. Colque also performs ear lobe repairs and ear lobe reductions. If you have a trauma to your ears or had an ear ring pull through your lobe, an ear lobe repair can commonly be performed in the office under local anesthesia. Many patients that also have persistent holes in their ears form gauge piercings will require repair to close the hole. 

Reasons for Considering Ear Surgery:

  • Treat ears that “stick out” too much.
  • Bring balance to the facial appearance.
  • Re-contour or reduce long or offset earlobes.
  • Repair an ear lobe injury.
  • Close a hole in the ear from a gauge piercing.

General Procedure

Otoplasty is commonly performed under general anesthesia to make the necessary steps for a long lasting result. The incision is made behind the ear to keep it very hidden from view. The procedure addresses the underlying ear cartilage to alter the angles of the ear for less protrusion and brings the ear closer to the head.  The procedure can take a couple of hours depending on the extent of the deformity corrected. An ear lobe repair is typically done in the office under local anesthesia with minimal recover time. 

Recovery Process

After the surgery is completed, a wrap is placed around the head to support the corrections performed. After this is removed in the office, a headband is worn for further support. Generally patients are returning to work or school in just a couple of days. Exercise and non contact activity can be done in a few weeks. Swelling and bruising is typically minimal and post operative pain is well tolerated. Following the post operative instructions will give the best and longest lasting result.

To schedule a complimentary consultation for cosmetic otoplasty or  ear surgery with Dr. Alex Colque in the greater Milwaukee or Waukesha area, call 262.781.9000 today.