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A Facelift, also known as a Rhytidectomy is a cosmetic procedure designed to smooth and firm the skin of the face and neck. As we age, the skin and tissue of our face and neck become loose and this appears as wrinkles, jowls, and the dreaded "turkey neck". The radiation of the sun, genetics, gravity and even stress can add to the loose and sagging skin of the face. Also, the jaw line can be blunted or completely lost during the aging process. These changes can make someone appear older than they truly are. A facelift treats all of these areas of the face and the neck, providing a fresh and youthful appearance. The goals of a facelift are to eliminate the jowls, remove excess skin from the lower face and neck, smooth out wrinkles and folds, and tighten the neck to give a more defined jaw line. All of these effects do not change what you look like. They keep you looking like you, only younger!

A facelift can be performed at any time during one's life. Whenever you notice the changes of your face aging is the correct time to consider a facelift. For most patients, this is the late 40s or 50s. For patients who are younger with mild changes of facial aging, a mini facelift can be performed with fewer incisions and recovery. A facelift can be performed in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures such as eyelid lift or brow lift. To have a complimentary consultation for a facelift in Brookfield Wisconsin or the greater Milwaukee area, contact Dr. Alex Colque, cosmetic surgeon today. 

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Reasons for Considering a Facelift:

  • Excess and sagging skin in the face and neck.
  • Fatty deposits of the neck and lower face.
  • Sagging jaw line.
  • Prominent Jowls of the chin and face.
  • Turkey Neck appearance.
  • Deep wrinkles around the mouth, chin and nose.

General Procedure

The procedure of a facelift typically involves incisions that are very well hidden around the ear and in the hair. Skin and fat deposits are separated, the skin is elevated and tightened, and any excess skin is removed. In addition to this, the tissue of the structural face is also rejuvenated. If the neck line requires attention, an additional incision is made under the chin and this is included in a facelift.  Several very small sutures are used to close the incision in a cosmetic way to minimize scaring. 

A face lift may take about four hours to complete, or longer if other cosmetic procedures are completed at the same time. There are many different facelift techniques available. You can be sure that Dr. Alex Colque, a cosmetic plastic surgeon, uses only the current and most advanced techniques to give you the best and longest lasting results. 

Recovery Process

After a facelift procedure, most patients are back to daily activity within a day or two. There can be mild bruising or swelling that can last several days. The face is placed in bandages to help facilitate healing, but the bandages are removed the day after the surgery. Most of the sutures are removed within one week and all are removed by two weeks at the latest. The facelift patients of Dr. Colque report very mild pain and this can be controlled with minimal oral pain medication if needed.

To schedule a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for a facelift in the greater Milwaukee area or Waukesha Wisconsin, call Dr. Alex Colque at 262.781.9000 today.