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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)  - Milwaukee 

An arm lift, or brachioplasty is a common cosmetic surgery procedure used in body contouring to improve the appearance of the arms. If you do not like the appearance of your upper arms in sleeveless shirts, bathing suits, or in other clothing, you may be a good candidate for an arm lift, which is also known as a brachioplasty. Loose arm skin of the upper arms can be treated with an arm lift. Excess fat to the arms can also be improved with this procedure. This is a very common cosmetic surgery performed in the state of Wisconsin in the greater Milwaukee area. Patients who seek an arm lift or brachioplasty commonly have loose skin of the arms due to genetics, aging, weight loss, or changes from pregnancy. Unfortunately, for many people this excess arm skin and/or fat will not go away by other means such as diet and exercise. The goals of this procedure are to improve the appearance of the upper arms by removing the excess skin as well as the excess fat. This leads to an improved arm contour with a decrease in the circumference of the arm. This gives the arm a better look in clothing, swimwear, and when not covered. This gives the arms a more youthful and proportional appearance to the rest of the body.

Minimally invasive arm lift procedures are available for those who are candidates for them. These include liposuction alone, or a small incision in the armpit only to remove upper arm skin. Some patients that have a lot of excess upper arm skin will require a full brachioplasty procedure with an  incision that goes from the armpit to the elbow. These incisions are kept on the inside of the arm to be as least noticeable as possible. Dr. Alex Colque is a cosmetic surgeon practicing in the greater Milwaukee area who performs many arm lift brachioplasties every year. This is a common surgery performed in his practice for patients that have had weight-loss as well as patients that have not had weight loss. Dr. Colque is a board-certified plastic surgeon who uses the most up-to-date and advanced techniques in cosmetic surgery in Milwaukee to give least possible incisions  and the best possible results. Dr. Colque serves as a top cosmetic surgeon for the entire state of Wisconsin and throughout the country.

Reasons for Considering an Arm Lift (Brachioplasty):

  • Upper arm excess skin.
  • Fat in the upper arm.
  • Loose skin of the arm. 
  • Bulging arms in clothing.
  • Extra skin after weight loss.
  • Loss of skin laxity due to aging.
  • An unflattering arm shape or contour.

General Procedure

An arm lift, or brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that is typically performed in a hospital or state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center. This is typically an outpatient surgery where the patient goes home the same day as the procedure. The incisions are kept in the axilla only, or on the inner aspect of the arm. The loose skin of the arm is then excised. Liposuction is also often used during this procedure can help improve the results with shaping as well as sculpting the arms, shoulders, and armpit area. When the skin is excised the incision is closed with sutures that are underneath the skin and all dissolvable. These incisions are closed with advanced plastic surgery techniques that lead to the least scarring. Using the advanced techniques, Dr. Colque typically does not use drains for this procedure. Each patient is unique, and the best procedure to reach your desired goals will be discussed with you during your consultation with Dr. Colque.

Brachioplasty and arm lift procedures can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries. These are commonly combined with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, breast lift or breast augmentation, or thigh lift. Dr. Colque can review these options with your during your consultation visit in Waukesha, Wisconsin to help achieve your goals.

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Recovery Process

Recovery from a brachioplasty involves following Dr. Colque’s postoperative instructions to allow for the best possible procedure healing. The procedure can be done as an outpatient surgery with patients going home the same day as the surgery. After the surgery, dressings are placed to help the healing process. Patients typically use their arms after the surgery for most activities, however there are some restrictions to large arm movements after the procedure. Most patients would take about one week off of work after the procedure for recovery time. After the dressings are removed, instructions are given to continue to help healing, minimize scaring and deliver the best possible result.

Cost of an Arm Lift

The cost of an arm lift or brachioplasty can vary based on whether or not it is a mini arm lift or a full arm lift procedure. The cost of a brachioplasty surgery typically includes the surgeon fee, facility fee, anesthesia fee. This also includes all of the follow-up visits.

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